anima creative management

anima creative management

  1. Pooja Mor on the cover of Vogue Italia!!

    Black and White. The delicate elegance of silhouettes traced by the wind. In the air a perfume centred on light. The bouquet of the new J'Adore Eau de toilette La Nouvelle Eau Lumiere by a new sparkling golden age. Dressed in cotton and silk with asymmetric neckline, "Bar" coat in wool with double row of buttons, coat in wool with frill collar and contrast buttons, jacket in embroidered wool and high-waisted pant: all Dior Haute Couture. Boots Underground Originals. photographed by Peter Lindbergh (

  2. Rasika Navare for Chemistry

    Rasika Navare returns for her 3rd Chemistry campaign.

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    Pooja Mor in Strangers by Txema Ysete - Video

  4. Hair stylist Gabriel Georgiou for Deepika Padukone

    Hair Stylist Gabriel Georgiou works his magic on Deepika Padukone for Grazia #we run the world issue, April 2016.

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    Moein Tehran for Indian by Manisha Arora

    The king of kitsch, Manish Arora, has collaborated with online fashion portal Koovs to launch his first ever men's range for the desi dresser. Anima's Moein Tehran suits up to show off the collection at its brightest best.

  6. Pooja Mor in “Mask” by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, April 2016

    Pooja Mor leads the troops in “Mask” by Txema Yeste for Numero China April 2016. He is She and This is That, We are They and Them is the Trap. This story takes us to a place that says what we are is enough. With tribal markings done in what appears to be glass, the echos of erroneous aire lay on my face as ancient winds wisp through deep space.

    Naked beauty comes to bare as Pooja lets soft angels meld with her sweet face. Stylist, Tim Lim, brings a flavor of 70’s fashion touched with a rich edge. We get a more realistic view of humanity by embracing the concept of creative blending.


  7. Sydney Nelson for Shruti Sancheti

    The simply divine Sydney Nelson brings to life, Shruti Sancheti lastest designs for SS 2016 collection.

  8. Urvashi Umrao debuts with her first cover for Platform Magazine

    Bharat Sikka captures Urvashi Umrao for her first Editorial and Cover for Platform Magazine. Styled by Ameet Sikka, with hair and makeup support from Anu Kaushik.

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